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VF1000R factory colours

In France (and Europe, Asia , Australia...):

First release, the VF1000Re in 1984 (code SC16):


Replace in 1985 bu the VF1000Rf, but not in France, probably because they ahd aleready a lot of 1984 modeles still in stock.

In France the paint job of the Re change a litlle:

And Honda create a specific serie with a number (0 - 300).

In 1986, the VF1000Rg was presented, with Rothman paint job, sell in France with the SC20 type (SC16 everywere elese) :


In USA, the only on release sell was the VF1000Rf with a specific tank. 2 colors, slightly the same:





An other paint job for the VF1000Rf, sell in Switserland, in Netherland...:

In some country like Switserland, the double head lamp was replace by a single one:


Here are the frame and engine numbers (Thanks to http://www.honda-v4.com )