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Custom VF1000R

F/R mix? :


VF1000R with new wheels, brakes, fork... :


An other VF1000R with a VFR750 (1996) swing arm, VTR SP1 (2000) fork, NSR250 Airtech (1986) tail, tank from a VF750, Ohlins shosk absorber and SC16 fairing:


English VF1000R. R1 fork... :


American VF1000R with CBR wheels, black frame, round light, just a big speed engin indicator !


Not my favorite one:


Very Nice VF1000R updated by Kelly:

(Click to enlarge)

It has an RC30 rear wheel riding on a modified Hawk GT spindle in a VFR750 swingarm. A Hawk GT rear brake caliper and master cylinder. Rear brake line runs inside the swing arm. An Rc51 front end with larger, CBR929 rotors and a custom caliper bracket. Custom header with custom cans and end caps. RC45 race tail that I strengthened with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber wrap fairing pieces as well as a rear shock cover/fender.