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Differences between VF1000Re and VF1000Rf
Differences between VF1000F and VF1000R
Oil circuit change by adding an oil radiator and an other oil pump.

It's possible to "upgrade" a VF1000Re (or a VF1000F) by replacing the single pump with a double one with the corresponding oil pan from an VF1000Rf (or VF1000Rg / VF1000FII / VF1000Fg).

After you will have to adapt an oil radiator from a VF1000Rf or from an other motorbike.

Single oil pump and double one:

In the oil housing:

Single pump :

Double one :

Different type of oil pan :

On the left, the one with the holes to plug an oil radiator, and on the right the one without the holes.


They increase the length of the camshaft bearings (and so the camshaft themselves) on the VF1000Rf.

On top, the VF1000Rf, at the bottom, VF1000Re :

On the VF1000Re, the space taken by the rocker arm didn't allow the cap bearings to tighten the camshaft on 360° :


Changes on water circuit which didn't goes through he frame.

Position of the thermostat is different, on the left for the VF1000Re, on the right for the VF1000Rf.

Different handlebar and levers.

Cast black triple clamp on the VF1000Re
Machined gold triple clamp on the VF1000Rf and g


Different side covers on the VF1000Rf:

Aerodynamics mirrors on the european VF1000Rf and VF1000Rg.

VF1000Rf and VF1000Rg