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Documentation on VF1000R

Magazines in French:

Moto 1 N°13

Moto 1 N°16

Moto 1 N°21

Moto Journal N°620

Moto Journal N°644

Moto journal 663

Moto Journal HS 1985

And the one we will never have, the V6, Moto Journal N° 616


Moto Revue N° 2635

Moto Journal N° 2657

Moto Revue N°2659


Moto Légende HS


Moto LegendeN°??

Moto Légende N°154

Moto Legende 185

Auto hebdo 500


Magazines in English:

Motorcycle Octobre 1990,

VF1000F vs FII vs R

Motorcycle Mechanics May 2007

Motorcycle Mechanics N°140

Motorcycle Mechanics Dec 1999

Which Bike Magazine Oct 1984 N°100

Bike Jan 1984

Motorcycle Mechanics June 1984

Cycle world Jully 1985

Bike nov 1985

Cycle Jully 1987


Magazines in Deutch:

Motorrad 06 1984

Motorrad 16 1985

Motorrad 04 1986 comparatif VF1000R, 1000RX, 1100GSXR

Motorrad 05 1986 comparatif VF1000R, 1000RX, 1100GSXR

Motorrad 15 1986

Motorrad ?

Motorrad 21 1984

Easy rider june 1984

PS 4 1984

PS 8 86



Technical documentation :

Honda repair manual VF1000Re

Honda repair manual VF1000Rf/g

Service manual

Shop manual VF1000Rf:


Commercial documentation:


VF1000Rf US


VF1000Rf Europ



VF750F advertisement with a pics of a VF1000R