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VF1000R on track

First one, the FWS1000 in1982, build to race the TTF1 champion ship, won first by Mike Baldwin and the year after by Steve wise.

1024cc, 150Hp at 11000Rpm and 10.6Kgm at 9000Rpm for only165Kg.

Timing by gears, 5 speeds.

The other name of this bike was RS1000RW or"the Water Whale"....

Freddie Spencer bike:

(Click for higher quality)


Same one:


Front frame is strange. it seems that you need to remove the front wheel to remove it.

Air flow for radiator isn't huge.


Mike Baldwin at Daytona 1982:

Other pictures of Steve Wise in Daytona 1983:




Joey Dunlop ride this bike:

In 1982 at TT:
no info on date and where:
In1983, at TT:


His bike in 1983: :

Joey at the TT in 1983:



Still Joey and an alu frame bike :


The bike how won the Bol d'Or in 1983


The RS850R (854cc realy):

(Click for higher quality)

Engine based on VF750F. 165Kg for 135Hp at 11500Rpm


Other one 930cc with an alu frame :


during the same time in France: