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Last update

December 2011:

New paint job on JOEP's bike


January 2011:

Nice custom VF1000R



November 2010:

A Dutch V4 Endurance racing team want to re-build a VF750 with a Niko Bakker Frame. they are looking for some information, so if you can help them by providing information on the bike, send me a Mail


April 2010:

New pics of VF1000R in race

on advertissement of the VF750F with a pic of the FWS1000


March 2010:

Not so many thing, only some correction of mistake


November 2009:

Argumentation distributed to English dealers to explain the quality of the VF500


October 2009:

V4H80 annual meeting in Ardeche


September 2009:

Few pictures of VF with electrical engine


Jully 2009:

New pics of VF750F on race (Thanks JOEP for the pics ;) )


June 2009:

Few picture of the French V4 club in Moto Légende


May 2009:

Few picture of the French V4 club in Bol d'Or Classique

And a video of Joey Dunlop at the TT in 1983 on the FWS1000


April 2009:

Complet sales brochures for the VF400F


March 2009:

VF750F powered with fuel engine


1er February 2009:

New release of the VF1000R on track page with Joey dunlop pictures


1er January 2009: Happy new year

New pictures add in the VF750F pages on aftermarket fairing

BNew information on documentations pages, espacialy for VF750S and VF750F or HERE


1er December 2008:

New pictures of QR and several feet first based on VF400 and VF500: HERE

New add on the VF400 on track page HERE

New picture of a prototype of the VF1000FII HERE

A racing fork for the VF1000R HERE

Some Strange fairing for VF1000F HERE

New advertisses ofr VF500F HERE

Several new pictures in merchandising HERE

NEw accessorires for theVF400F HERE

New VF1000R custom HERE



1er November 2008:

The french club at the Sunday ride classic: HERE

New pictures in the page on differences between VF400 and VF500 HERE

More pictures on the VF500 on track HERE


1st october 2008:

In the humour page, a feet first HERE

In the same page, some new pics of a VF1000R with HFR stickers found on an official honda comunication HERE

A drawing of a VF750F ùade before the commercial launch HERE


1st september 2008:

A lot of new pictures of VF750 on track, with the team bike or in Japan HERE

A Wonderfull MARTIN VF750F will reborn HERE


1st August 2008:


I spend to much time on vacation!

But in September, you will see many changes and a lot of pictures of a very interesting Bike

Enjoy your summer.


1st Jully 2008:

Annual V4 meeting. Pictures HERE


1st June 2008:

The French V4H80 club at Moto Legende. Pictures HERE

VFS custom HERE

One VF750F full black HERE


1 st May 2008:

The French V4H80 club at the Bol d'Or classique. Pictures HERE

2 pictures of VF400F and VF500F on track

Pictures of a VF1100C, and an other one with a longue fork HERE

2 news VF100FII in Rothman paint, HERE



1 st Avril 2008:

New pictures of a racing VFR in 850cc HERE

An helicopter witha 1100cc engine HERE

Merchandising on VF HERE


1 Mars 2008:

Litlle add on the difference between VF1000F and VF1000R HERE

Some new bikes in the VF750F pages HERE

Some new bikes in the VF1000F pages HERE

New release of the "magazines" pages, named now "documentation", new English magazines, in Deutch, technical documentation:

400 500 VFS VFC VF750F VF1000F VF1000FII VF1000R Spéciales

New 400 head fairing with integrated turn signal HERE

And, last one, the wonderfull bike of Gilles on the CAROLE french tarck HERE


1 February 2008:

One funny page for this month HERE


1 Janvier 2008:

First, happy new year for all of you

New release of the VF1000R Rothmans, new pictures like the one of Pedro in Canary Island, HERE.

Sale for the VF1000FII Rothmans with new pitcures, HERE


1 December 2007:

New page on mufflers : Here

New page on the HRC kit : Here

Now the forum is a French/English one, you can register HERE . It's a French / English forum, but you can choose to hide French topics to see only the English ones.


1 Novembre 2007 :

New release for VF1000FII and VF1000FG page Here

New white VF750S Here

Mike Baldwin race bike Here

and several new pictures.



3 October 2007:

Light update this month as I have some connexion problems.

One page with a turbocharged VF750F d'Edgardo Here (only in french for the moment)

One page with other exhaust Here

More, when I will recover my internet connexion ;)


1 september 2007 :

creation of the english web site