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VF1000R without the classic HRC sticker:

Other bikes with this HFR sticker:

It seems that even Honda make the mistake, like on this commercial documentation:

No trailer? no problem, we have other solution:


Hill climbing in VF1000C? Probably efficient!:


Your kid wants a VF1000R? it exist:


To young? We have other solutions:

(Drawing sells by the V4H80 club available for VF1000R and VF750F)



Based on VF500F:

Based on VF750F:

Base on VF1000F:




Sand buggy with VF1000R engine:


An helicopter? just take an 1100 engine:


A feet first:


One with a VF400 engine made by Graham Fryer:

Last one from a VF500, made by Arthur Middletons:



Don't drive too fast your VF400F: