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VF750F on track

She had win everything in USA with Freddie Spencer :




David Aldana had ride the VF, here with Wayne Rainey :


Mike Baldwin:


Some details (click for higer quality) :

We can see : laterals radiators, oil modification, but no race carb...


Some bikes were seen in "long distance races" with the Honda colors or in the team Bike (from the magazine Bike).

In 1983, in Le Man:

In 1984, still in Le Man:

In 1984, in SPA:

In 1985, they continue to ride the "stock" VF750F, but they have in addition a second bike, powered by an V4 750cc engine from a VF but fitt in an old frame from Honda.

In Le man:


At the Bol d'or, an Alu fram VF replace the old "stock" VF

Last ride in Daytona




Always use in Japan for old bikes races:

Of course, on first row:

And Joey Dunlop at the TT :


The VF750F was used on road races in the 80's:

(thanks to the web site:http://www.bikesnplanes.be)

And the VF750F is already ride by JOEP for road racing:

And with a new paint job:


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