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VF750F Turbo
VF750F Custom

In the 80's, Turbo is fashion. Honda had sell a CX650 turbocharged but it was not a sport bike.

Kawasaki had made the choice to produce a sport bike with a turbo , the ZX750 and the volumes of sells show that they made the good choice.

Why Honda didn't put a tuboon the VF?

Edgardo, from Argentina, had decided to rewrite the history and build is own turbocharged VF.

Result is amazing:

Garrett variable geometry turbo startvery low,at 2000 RPM :

Waste gate


Airfilteris 2 KN:

On the left side, modifie fuel pump regulator

One carburator , from the bike with a lot of modifications.

And one jet is adding in the inlet.

Waste gate ane dump valve :

Under the dump valve, you can see theplug for oil line to feed the turbo.



Final result :

Edgardo, you are a genuis!