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Reliability and linked improvements

Rocker arm destruction (mainely on the rear cylinder).

Honda said that 40% of the bikes have the problem.

They explain it because :

- not enough "sell polishing"

- not enough valve clearance (0,12mm)

- bad oil quality.

They said that the VFS/C didn't have tis problem because the load on the cam is less and because the rotation of the engine is reversed.

For me , it can't be only that, because it doesn't explain why this prblomes is manely on the rear cylinder.

We know that some VFS have the same problem, like the one dismount by Moto Journal after 25000Km, and the "self polishing" is a strange explaination. and the VFS had some improvement like the VFF.

And, the solution proposed by Honda are just on the camshaft heat traitement.

New plug camshaft, with a hole a the back of the cames. Start with engine N° 2 118 862
After, new camshaft with stronger heat traitement, start with engine N° 2 120 872


Gear box problems :

A spring was too small, changed after the engine N° 2 119 102


Cam chain tensioner :

Some problems with a screw, changed after the engine N° 2 200 000