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Sticking to fashion, some aftermarket brand sell exhaust muffler and exhaust manifold.

First, remember the heavy genuine manifold:

We can find two different types of manifold, with a different way to link cylinders.

First, the Honda way: front exhaust tubes are weld together, same for the rears ones.

Factory one, 4 in 2 in 1:

And an other release, with a complete line for the front cylinders and an other one for the rear:

The front manifold is design to free space for an oil radiator if needed.

Other example with the brand Devil:


Other solution is to link tubes in diagonal:



But perhaps the best solution is a direct 4 in 1:


Or the Martin with the muffler directly welds to the manifold:



Other brand were sell only in Japan so for 400cc bikes. The shape of the front tubes is very particular:

An other one more like the genuine one:


This one was made by the brand Over.


And if you can't find your dream, perhaps you need a 4 mufflers kit: