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Differences VF750F VF1000F

26 Cv between them but with 15Kg in add.

Globally, the 1000 engine is stronger compare to the 750 one, because, to absorb an increase of 29% of the power, the engineers have :
- increase by 11% the size of the crankpin and the size of the piston axles.
- increase by 8% the global weight.
- increase by 18% the flow of the oil pump.
- increase by 28% the load supported by the clutch.

Other differences:

- Noise less timing chain ("HY-Vo " type) instead of classic one on the 1000
- 4 reboring possibilities for the 750 instead of 2 for the 1000
- Differences on the water circuit, 2 radiators, 1 main (with 2 fans) between the fork bearings and the front cylinder head cover and a little one inside the head light fairing for the 1000 and in the cowl for the 750.

Different routing for front exhaust due to water radiator:


- Thermostat location is different, on the right side for the 750, on the left for the 1000

- Thermal switch location is different too, just after the cylinder head on the 1000, after the firt cooling step on the 750 : so different settings.