V4H80 Home

Honda : http://powersports.honda.com/motorcycles

French Links:

The French forum: http://www.vf1000r.fr/forum

Pin's Blog: http://www.hv4.skyblog.com

Bubba's web site dedicated to Martin Motorcycle: http://lefour.bubba.free.fr http://www.motomartin.com

GODIER GENOUD forum: http://www.godier-genoud.org/forum

Forum Cuir et mégaphone (70's and 80's race bikes): http://anciennes-en-piste.winnerforum.net/index.htm

ZZR Club: http://zzr-leclub.fr

Friends: http://www.koolgraph.com

Best artist I know: http://www.artkore.net

Old school bikes: http://www.oldskoolperformance.com


VF outside France:

VF1000R in Deutschland: http://www.vf1000r.de

In English: http://www.vf1000.com

In Sweden: http://web.comhem.se/~u17364679/interesthonda.htm

In Norway: http://www.honda-v4.com

In Dutch: http://home.hetnet.nl/~keesbrienne/

VF1000R fan site: http://vfreek.tripod.com/index.html


Other motorbikes :

Moto station: http://www.moto-station.com

Motards on line: http://www.motards-online.com

Emoto: http://www.emoto.com


Places to visit:

Le fratitouille: http://www.vfrfratitouille.com Very nice place to organize motorbikes meetings

A good restaurant in St-Fraimbault (Normandie) own by a VF addict who speak english http://www.webvivant.com/papillon